Faculty members in the department are committed to teaching excellence and play an important role in the
Lingnan BBA program. Four BBA required courses are provided by this department in small classes. Over the years, students in the Faculty of Business have been giving very positive feedback to these BBA required courses. The faculty members also offer a number of elective courses and cluster courses to all students in the University.
  BUS1102 Statistics for Business  
  BUS2206 Information Systems Management  
  BUS2211 Operations Management  
  BUS1110 Introduction to Information Literacy  
  BUS2207 Management Science  
  BUS2212 Project Management  
  CDS2205 Introduction to Programming  
  CDS2209 Digital Video Editing and Movie Making  
    CDS2215 Internet Technology  
    CDS2250 Electronic Business: Supply Chain Applications  
    CDS2251 Digital Imaging and Photograpy  
    CDS2252 Wireless Technology  
    CDS2253 Electronic Publishing and 3D Modelling  
    CDS3350 E-Procurement & E-Customer Relationship Management  
    CDS3352 Inventory Management  
    CLA9012 Creative Online Social Networking  
    CLA9014 Creative Digital Imaging  
    CLC9018 Games in Daily Life  
    CLD9003 Statistics in Modern Society  
    CLD9004 Mathematical Literacy in Today's World  
    CLD9005 Colour Science and Digital Applications  
    CLD9006 Personal Security in Cyberspace  
    CLD9014 Spreadsheet-Based Decision Making  
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