Research Project Title Grant Investigator Role
  The impacts and roles of e-market for supply chain:
more than just a secondary procurement source?
GRF Grant LU5224/10E
Prof. LIU Liming Principal Investigator /
Project Manager
  Collaborative Regional Container Flow Management:
Models and Systems Development
NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme
LU513/08 (2009-2011)
Prof. LIU Liming Principal Investigator /
Project Manager
  Research Project Title: “Exploring the Impact of a Retailer's Quality Gatekeeping on Pricing and Quality Assurance in a Supply Chain: Should the Retailer Act as the Gatekeeper?” RGC General Research Fund (LU341012)
Prof. LENG Mingming Principle Investigator
  Cooperative-Game Analysis of Space-Exchange Problems. RGC General Research Fund
Pro.f LENG Mingming Principal Investigator
  Analytic Solution for the Nucleolus of a Three-Player Cooperative Game. RGC General Research Fund
Prof. LENG Mingming Principal Investigator
  Performance-Based Competition Mechanisms with Allocation of Demand

RGC Early Career Scheme

Prof. Liang Liping Principal Investigator
Lingnan University - The Department of Computing Decision Sciences