Prof SHANG, Weixin

Representative Publications

A.Y. Ha, W. Shang and Y. Wang, Supplier Audit Information Sharing and Responsible Sourcing, Management Science 69(1) 2023, 308-324.

L. Yang, W. Shang, L. Liu, Follow the Crowd under Uncertain Service Capacity, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 25(1) 2023, 341-352.

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A.Y. Ha, H. Luo and W. Shang, Supplier Encroachment, Information Sharing and Channel Structure in Online Retail Platforms, Production and Operations Management 31(3) 2022, 1235-1251.

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W. Shang and L. Liu, Promised Delivery Time and Capacity Games in Time-Based Competition, Management Science 57(3) 2011, 599-610.

L. Liu, W. Shang and S. Wu, Dynamic Competitive Newsvendors with Service-Sensitive Demands, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 9(1) 2007, 84-93.

Competitive Research Funds since 2015

Capacity Sharing in Service Industries, General Research Fund (GRF 13502622), 2023-24, Principal Investigator

Managing Jockeying in a Multi-Server Service System: Pooling, Jockeying Externalities, and Jockeying Incentive, General Research Fund (GRF 13502219) 2020-22, Principal Investigator

Should Firms Enter the Product-Sharing Market? General Research Fund (GRF 13501617) 2018-19, Principal Investigator

Information Leakage and Sharing in a Multi-Period Decentralized Supply Chain, General Research Fund (GRF 13501415) 2016-17, Principal Investigator

Managing Green Supply Chains via Carbon Emission Labeling, General Research Fund (GRF 13501414) 2015-16, Principal Investigator